Yasmine, 40 years old


I like being free. I hate being inhibited. That is maybe like the first very visceral or primal feeling I can remember having as a young person is not feeling free and I hated it, you know. Having brothers really kind of made it very clear how limited my freedoms were as a girl. I wasn’t allowed to ride a bike as a girl. I couldn’t just always play outside like my brothers could until late. Even though I didn’t have that, I could taste it and I wanted it so bad and my brothers did. Society saying like, “You as you are is not okay. We’ve got to control you. This needs to be a certain way.

I think the hair thing goes along with that absolutely like being told how it should be. This part of you that is so natural – it is literally a physical part you

It’s [my hair] doing its own thing and yeah, I would say in that way, it’s reflective I guess. I do my own thing. I don’t always do good things or smart thing, but I’m trying to.