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Photographer Rohina Hoffman understands that for so many women their hair is about much more than style. In a series of color portraits and candid interviews, Hoffman chronicles the complexities of agency, empowerment, and cultural expression that are allowed, denied and self-determined when it comes to how women wear their hair.

“For my project Hair Stories I interviewed and photographed almost three dozen women about their hair,” writes Hoffman in the foreword to her book. “These women represented a diverse group of ages (14-100) and ethnicities. The opening question was, ‘Tell me about your hair.’ What I discovered is that hair is a language, a shield and a trophy. Hair is a construct reflecting our identity, history, femininity, personality, our innermost feelings of self-doubt, aging, vanity and self-esteem. Hair also has deep sociological roots. It can be indicative of a certain religious or political belief system and like its genetic code, is complicated and touches our very core.”

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Rohina Hoffman