Misha, 49 years old


Hair is actually a HUGE identifier for me. I am an old punk rocker. Hair was how we expressed ourselves. We shaved our heads. We did it funny colors. It was kind of one of those things that identified our difference. You know, I felt different on the inside for so very long and didn’t fit in no matter how much I tried– I have actually cut my hair to try to fit in. I have actually tried to make myself look more like the people around me, thinking that that would connect me in some way and when I cut the hair off it actually was very freeing. It was like, no, this IS me. I’m strange; my hair is strange. It was kind of like one of those, yeah, this is me. If you’re going to hate me, you’re going to hate me. You’re not going to hate me for who you think I am or for who I’m pretending to be to please you.

The pink has been the most successful. I love pink anyway but people treat me different when I have pink hair. It’s very welcoming. It’s almost as if the color itself draws people.